News and Updates | NetCents Technology

NetCents Technology Launches Merchant Outreach and Onboarding Automation

Jun 24, 2020

NetCents Technology Announces Daily Merchant Settlements

Jun 23, 2020

NetCents Continues Disruption of Payments Industry

Jun 17, 2020

NetCents Opens up Asian Market with New Advisor

Apr 30, 2020

NetCents Recruits Finance VP with Significant Transactional and Capital Formation Experience

Apr 26, 2020

NetCents Technology Issues a Letter to the Shareholders

Apr 19, 2020

NetCents Technology Provides MCTO Update

Apr 16, 2020

NetCents Declares Readiness for Expected US Federal Reserve “Digital Dollar”

Apr 6, 2020

NetCents Technology Hires Senior Executive of Major Payment Processor

Mar 24, 2020

NetCents Technology Completes Technical Integration of the NetCents Cryptocurrency Credit Card

Mar 19, 2020

NetCents Technology Enters Enterprise Agreement with Link Global Technologies

Mar 18, 2020

NetCents Technology Projects Acceleration of Contactless Payments on the Heels of World Health Organization Endorsement

Mar 16, 2020